Followup on the Sanford Colony

With such a large colony to rehome and so many adopters to keep up with, it’s been a little hard to know how all the cats are doing in their new homes. The comments below represent over half of the cats from this colony. Two additional are doing very well, living in a large garage until the snow melts off at their new place. They’ve gotten friendlier and also discovered the joy of basking in a sunny window. And two more are living with a colony of special needs cats, adjusting to their new caretaker. One is very friendly and comfortable, the other is taking a little longer to admit that she’s safe and loved, but making progress.

Life is good for most of these cats. But as you can see below, things have not been perfect. While we love to keep cats in their familiar territories where they know what they’re doing, in this case that wasn’t practical at all, so the risk of moving them had to be taken. We’re keeping in touch with the adopter of the one medical case known, to make sure the cat does mend and no further help is needed. And as you can also tell from the comments, the personalities of the cats varied greatly, so interaction with their new people is also greatly varied, anything from distant sightings to snuggles.

“Thanks again for the cats and the good work you do, they are out of the enclosure now and they decided to stick around, so, I think this was a success. M.”

“All four of our kitties are safe and well adjusted. This little guy is curious and friendly. He let me pet him and even hold him for just a minute this morning. We’ve named him Kahn.”

“Hello. Thank you again for helping me get the kitties all loaded up. I wanted to let you know that they are almost all doing great. Last night one of them started having severe labored breathing. We did what we could but she didn’t make it. The other kitties are all doing great. They are in a room in the house until we get them settled in to the barn (there is a storm coming tonight and we wanted to keep them inside until it passes). I have no idea why the one kitty started having problems. On a more positive note, 5 of them are very very friendly and will even let us pet them. The other 2 are my wild children that are super fun and high energy. Thank you again for entrusting us to these kitties. I am so sorry there isn’t more that we could have done last night. 😔 We had made arrangements to take her in to my vet this morning, but she didn’t make it. She was one of the short hair kitties. So many changes. At least she passed away inside and we made her really comfortable and tried to love on her before she passed. I know there are millions of reasons why animals can go (we see it with out little farm). I just wanted to let you know. And to give you the good news too that the other ones are really warming up to us and that they seem really happy. Thank you for what you do for these little critters. ❤️ You are a very precious person and I am so thankful that our paths have crossed.”

“They are doing good. The kitten is getting friendlier and loves to play and chase strings. She does regretfully seem to still have diarrhea. Not as bad but still there none the less. The black one is slowly getting braver and likes to watch the kitten and I play.”

“Well I honestly haven’t seen much of them they still hide but I know they are eating. My fiance said he saw them the other day but I haven’t.”

“Hi! Yeah they are doing great, they have adjusted well and are super friendly. My girls love them and they both love to be pet.”

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