1. Cat Food Donations Needed Always!

We are currently in need of donations to provide food for the many unowned and fixed cats we are helping. We also need canned cat food for cats at SLV Spay and Neuter Alliance clinics, to help them with recovery after surgery. Kittens (coming to a hedge near you, very soon!) need pate food to help them wean. Donations of canned cat food may be dropped off either at the Safeway Customer Service desk at 1301 Main Street in Alamosa or at our building at 257 Adams St in Monte Vista.

2. Chewy If you use our referral link, they donate $15 to us.Ω

3. Shop online through Amazon Smile

You can set up Amazon Smile and a portion of your purchases will support our programs, and best of all, it’s FREE to you. Go to to sign up. This is surprisingly effective, as it adds together many small donations. As of the end of 2021, we have collected over $500 from 21 subscribers. 

4. Send a check made out to Cats Alive to:                   

Cats Alive! SLV
257 Adams St
Monte Vista CO 81144

9. Bedding and towels.

If you’d like to donate towels, sheets, blankets, quilts, we use a lot of them and pass on any extra to other rescues in the area. Those can be dropped off anytime at 257 Adams St, Monte Vista CO 81144.

10. eBay for Charity

It’s an interesting idea, no? You can sell things at eBay that we cannot use directly for our work, and share the profits with us. CatsAlive at eBay for Chairity


  1. “SLV SNA” to support our low-cost spay and neuter clinic.
  2. “TNR” to support our trap neuter return program for community cats.
  3. “Angels Medical” if you would like your donation to go specifically to medical assistance for injured cats.
  4. “Food Bank” to provide food assistance to cats that have been through our TNR program and have permanent caretakers.
  5. “Foster Program” to support cats and kittens in foster homes.

You don’t need to earmark, you can let us spend your donation on whatever most needs support. You may also make a donation as a birthday or Christmas gift in someone’s honor or memory and we will post those on this website and Facebook for special recognition.

We are a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization so your contributions to support CatsAlive!slv are tax-deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law. We send out thank you letters, but do let us know up front if you need a donation acknowledgment for your taxes.

Thank you for helping us help cats!

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