Cats Alive! SLV

Cats Alive! SLV

Our mission is to reduce the number of feral and abandoned house cats in the San Luis Valley of Colorado through vigorous spay/neuter programs and, when possible, assist finding caring homes for kittens and tame cats.

Over 2611 cats fixed since Sept 2013 AND COUNTING (3/30/22)

Latest from Whisker Wednesday

Hungry Hungry Kitties

Cats Alive recently rescued a colony of 49 cats. It was heartbreaking. The owner and his wife contracted COVID in October. She died and he never fully recovered. At the end of January, his children had come to the conclusion that he was no longer able to live on his own at the family homeContinue reading “Hungry Hungry Kitties”

WW for July 3

Happy Whisker Wednesday! We’re a little late tonight since we had our big adoption fair this afternoon. We still have several mousers available for adoption. They would be perfect for anybody with a barn, warehouse, or even a garage. They’ll keep the rodents away and will provide endless entertainment. This week was mostly spend preppingContinue reading “WW for July 3”

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