Foster homes are an essential part of getting kittens and abandoned cats off the mean streets and into the loving homes they deserve. If you can help us by taking on this challenge, please join us. Many of the cats we rescue need recovery and growth, and most especially the love that only a home can provide. Shy cats need a quiet home environment to help them out of their shell. Rambunctious youths need play time and space to run. Making a good match between foster homes and cats in need is an important part of what we do when placing cats.

A few examples of foster situations are 

  1. Very young or small kittens who need individual attention while they grow strong and healthy. These may need medical care or bottle feeding.
  2. Weaned healthy kittens not yet 2 pounds and 8 weeks, the size minimum for spay/neuter surgery, a requirement for adoption.
  3. Feral kittens (<12 weeks) who need socialization to trust humans. Earning the trust of a feral cat or kitten is surprisingly rewarding!
  4. Adult abandoned or lost tame cats with the potential to make wonderful household companions with love and patience to recover from their time on the street.
  5. Adult feral cats that have had to be relocated for safety reasons or need to be held for a limited time for recovery from an illness or while a new home is found. 

Most often, fostering is a few days to a month. This depends on the foster home’s capacity and the needs of the cats.

If this sounds like you, please go to our Foster Interest Form and let us know what your experience is with fostering, what you are interested in in terms of age, temperament, medical needs, availability, what your household is like, and where you live. We’ll contact you to discuss and put you on our list of available homes. Then we’ll contact you again to ask for your help when we have kitties in need!

To maintain our good standing with Colorado regulating authorities a “home inspection” checklist needs to be completed by CASLV. Adoptions also have state-regulated protocols, so fostering does NOT include finding the cat a home. We will complete that process if you can find interested adopters. If you become attached to your foster and would like to adopt, let us know immediately, so we do not make alternate arrangements. CASLV remains the owner and is responsible for the cats while in foster care.

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