We very rarely have adoptable cats, and almost never available kittens. While everyone loves a kitten, our ability to raise them and prep them for adoption is limited. We recommend you save a street kitten and let us help you as needed. There are a lot of great resources online to help you rescue a street kitten successfully, including and numerous videos from Kitten Lady.

If you so adopt, we HIGHLY recommend that you read up on acclimating a new cat to existing pets, kids, homes, as well as getting a health check at your veterinarian. We make our best effort to adopt out well cats, but sometimes things become apparent later. Kitten care in particular is something you should study before taking a kitten home.

We do also adopt out working cats, when we have feral cats that cannot stay in place for safety reasons. These cats require special care to ensure that they do not run. You must make sure your place is completely to their taste or they will go looking for better digs immediately. That means they need to feel safe, have good resources, and ideally go in groups so they have a ready-made colony. In order to bond to their new location, they need to be confined for at least two weeks, if not a month. See more detail at our relocation page.

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